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The World's Strongest Caffeinated All Natural Coffee

SHOCK Coffee®

The Best-Tasting HighEST Caffeine All Natural Coffee...


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Live every moment to the fullest with SHOCK Coffee®, The World's Strongest All- Natural Coffee.



Be at your best with the focus and clarity that comes with strong coffee.



Get rid of the fake energy drinks and replace it with something just as strong and all-natural.


 About SHOCK Coffee®

Shock Coffee is the producer of the world's strongest caffeinated all natural coffee blend. Our coffee comes in whole bean or ground and is exclusively available in a high caffeine blend. We don't add any caffeine to our coffee and we select coffee beans for their taste and caffeine content. At Shock Coffee, we firmly believe that Sleep is Overrated and one sip of our coffee will make you a believer, too. Shock Coffee will add hours to your day and make you more productive without the jitters. Many other high caffeine options out there haven't been able to perfect the taste to caffeine ratio, so you're left feeling unsatisfied. 





That has been our priority since day one and our loyal fans and the media have agreed by helping to make Shock Coffee the #1 high caffeinated coffee of the US Military and one of the world's top selling high caffeine blends since '06. Since Shock Coffee's launch, many coffee connoisseurs have dubbed it The World's Strongest Caffeinated Coffee. In fact, in recent testing against Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Death Wish Coffee, our blend's caffeine to flavor ratio stood out time and again.


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Add more hours to your days and be more ALIVE... Sleep is overrated!

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