Shock Coffee
Shock Coffee

Shock Coffee Triple Latte Energy Blend


Product Type: Coffee: Espresso Based
Last Updated: 2/10/2009 3:26 PM

BevNET Review: This blend of Shock is milky and sweet, with a strong blend of coffee providing the base of the drink. Flavor wise, this product is pretty much spot on, with the right amount of the three flavors that make up this drink. Like its counterpart, they've added extra caffeine to the mixture, which seems like the logical explanation of the drink's energy blend subtext. Packaging has a decidedly different feeling than the many me-too's that makeup this category, starting with the drink's edgy, energy focused design. Our only comment is that they should call out that the drink isn't an energy drink and coffee mixture, which could be implied by the energy blend tagline. Otherwise, we like the look and feel of the drink -- it's definitely one of the more memorable products in the category.

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